I wanted to give you an update on how the COVID-19 virus is impacting our services and what I am doing to keep you as safe as possible whilst still providing our usual high standards.

I know that the virus and the disruption caused by it have everyone feeling a whole range of emotions, from uncertainty right through to downright terrified, and I hope that you and your loved ones are safe, well and continue to be so.

I am pleased to say that here at H&K HQ we are safe and well, and still open for business.
Despite us going into a second lockdown here in the UK, I am lucky enough to live on a very rural isolated military barracks in the least affected part of the UK, with the lowest number of cases in the whole of the UK and we hope that it stays this way.
With that being said, these are the extra steps I am taking to make sure you remain confident and as worry-free as possible should you want to place an order with us.

I am the only person that will be handling the products and inner packaging of your order and am taking the safety of customers very seriously. Therefore I am taking additional measures when making and packaging your items to keep hygiene at the forefront of everything I do. This includes scrubbing and disinfecting all areas and tools, including myself, before and after your order is being made and packaged. I am also wearing surgical gloves and mask throughout contact with your order and all of its components.
Once your order has been packaged I am placing it inside a waterproof mailing bag that you can wipe down and disinfect once your parcel arrives and before opening the bag to remove its contents.
This outer layer waterproof mailing bag is the only point of contact that I do not have control over WHO touches it, but it is also the only part that someone else CAN touch. For example, the postal services handling it will ONLY have contact with that outside waterproof area which can be easily disinfected by you, opened outside, and disposed of leaving just the product for you to bring into your home.
We hope that by adding these extra steps it gives you the reassurance needed when placing an order from H&K, but if you would like me to take further steps or have any concerns whatsoever please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to oblige.
I want our customers to know that as with everything H&K does, it is you, our customers that always come first.

I also want to add that all postal services are experiencing disruption and delays throughout the World and sadly I have no control over this factor once your order leaves my care. If you are concerned that your parcel is taking longer than expected, please do contact me and I will be happy to check where possible, but please allow up to an extra 2 weeks for your parcel to arrive on top of the existing times stated.

For larger items I am now using private courier services at no extra cost to you, this is because their delivery times are actually now shorter than Royal Mail,  and they provide tracking and contact-free delivery. Please note all delivery times no matter the method are not guaranteed at the moment I'm afraid.
We hope it will be a rare occasion that parcels get delayed but we ask that you remain patient and understanding, and to be mindful that the virus is causing major disruptions all over the world.

We wish you and your family to stay safe and in good health, and I look forward to hearing from you should you place an order.