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At H&K we make modern, feminine and chic pieces designed to be worn whenever, wherever and however you choose. Our jewellery may not be bold, bright or be spotted from across a crowded room, but the simplistic elegance of being able to mix and match our pieces with any outfit means you can create your own style statement as unique as you.

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We believe that every woman should feel confident in their individuality and be able to display their unique personality to the world, to take an outfit and make it truly theirs. Jewellery has the power to turn a simple piece of clothing like the forever classic little black dress, and transform it into YOUR little black dress with your own unique style that celebrates your individuality.


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Everything we do is with you in mind, because you are why we are here. Our process from design and selection of materials, right through to our packaging and customer service has one focus, you! We want you to feel as special as you are when wearing our jewellery and we love to support your unique style, what ever it may be, is for you to decide.



uk jewellery designer, women's accessories, women's fashion

Hey there! I’m Victoria, sole owner and creator behind H&K. I’m a very proud Military wife, cocktail enthusiast, and an animal loving Yorkshire lass with a really bad case of shiny object syndrome. You know the type that can’t not wear jewellery, even just for doing some vacuuming around the house, and who always has to be dragged away kicking and screaming from the jewellery counter in shops. 

As a curvy girl I’ve always had image issues and getting clothes to fit properly whilst still being able to show my personality and love for fashion through the outfits I wear. For me, finding just one dress that didn’t make me look like a sack of potatoes was a constant struggle let alone finding a whole wardrobe, so once I found a dress that did fit, it quickly became one of the only things I wore. 

This is where jewellery came along and totally changed the way I felt about myself and how I looked. I discovered that I was able to wear that same dress over and over again using jewellery to create a totally different look each time, because no matter your size, shape or age, jewellery always fits, even if the rest of my outfit was a total failure! 

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 So whether you wear jewellery purely for decoration, or certain pieces that have special sentimental meaning to you, I want you to wear the jewellery that YOU want to wear because of the way it makes you feel.