What Does Your Jewellery Say About Your Personality?

what does your jewellery say about your personality?

What Does Your Jewellery Say About You Personality?

In this series we explore how wearing certain types of jewellery can be an indicator to a person’s character and personality, and hopefully after this you may recognise some of these traits in yourself, and if you believe this sort of thing (which I totally do!) maybe you could also be given clues as to the personality of a family member or friend, or even a total stranger walking past you in the street, all from the jewellery they are wearing. 

Now we aren’t saying it’s an exact science, but it can be interesting seeing if any of these are true about you based on the contents of your jewellery box.

I would love to hear your thoughts once you've read this article as to if any of them are accurate or not. Remember these views are just a bit of fun combined with some real-life studies of me, my own friends and family, along with some common theories you will also find around the internet.

chapter 1- fun costume jewellery
prue leith from the great British bake off


When someone says fun costume jewellery I always think of Prue Leith from the Great British Bake off with her amazing necklaces which combine bold oversize shapes with bright fun colours.

 Fun costume jewellery can be anything from big hoop earrings made from acrylic or other unique materials, bold tassel earrings and statement necklaces using every colour you can imagine, or extravagant cocktail rings with colourful lab-created gems like some of the pieces pictured below from our own collections.

Anything goes for this category and the rules are literally thrown out of the window and colour clashes are ignored in favour of how the piece makes you feel rather than what the piece looks like to someone else. 

They say if you enjoy wearing this kind of jewellery then it’s quite likely that you are the life of the party. Your personality is likely to be cheerful and you are probably bubbly and outgoing. People like you because you’re so much fun! You don’t care how things look to other people, you care how things make YOU feel including how the people in your life make you feel, so you probably have a wide range of friends from all walks of life. They may not all be from the same group or even know each other and would probably never hang out together normally, but you fit in with each of them individually.

Shop some of my favourite fun bright coloured jewellery from shops on Etsy.

fun bright coloured jewellery from etsy shops

Image 1 - Blue Gemstone Cocktail Ring - www.handmakesandkeepsakes.co.uk

Image 2 - Polymer Clay Necklace - www.deliciousbits.etsy.com

Image 3 - Rainbow Bead Earrings - www.redhotfusion.etsy.com

chapter 2 - natural & recycled jewellery

Do you gravitate toward earrings made with sea glass, necklaces made with seashells, old turquoise bracelets dating back to the 1970's or pieces made from driftwood?

Maybe you love bangle bracelets made with unique one of a kind elements? If you appreciate nothing more than handmade jewellery that reminds you of the world around you, then it’s quite likely that you are a nature lover and find beauty in nature's imperfections. 

With recent attention being on greener living, zero waste and recycling, more and more people are turning to these types of design elements and there are some really lovely and creative makers producing some amazing items.

You may be the type of person that’s conscious of needless waste and find it hard to throw away something that although may not be suitable for its intended use anymore, still has plenty of life and beauty in it if it was to be repurposed. 

Your clothing and jewellery may include bright colors, but you definitely have an appreciation for earth tones like ocean blues and forest greens.

Here's a great example of recycled jewellery made from an old tin by Hammered in Yarkshire & these lovely fish earrings made from recycled plastic bottles by Katie Whittaker Designs.

recycled jewellery


colour co-ordinating jewellery
When it comes to personality, everyday jewellery that comes in matched sets typically appeals to people who are highly organized and very responsible. It’s not at all surprising that many professionals choose to wear colour co-ordinated jewellery.
Gold bracelets and necklaces with matching earrings or a complete set of pearl jewellery tells others that you care deeply about their opinions and what others think of you and your appearance. People might seek you out for advice if this is your style, simply because you look so professional.
Most women have at least one matching set in their collection and its probably either been given to them as a gift from someone or it’s been bought for a specific event or occasion like a wedding, and if it’s part of their everyday jewellery they will probably have bought it as part of the outfit they wear at work or for business meetings and interviews.
Our own range of co-ordinating jewellery like the black marbled pieces below can be dressed up or down and can be worn together as matching sets, or alone for a bit of simple elegance. You can find them on our website here in the Marbled Collection.
wedding jewellery pink opal sterling silver
chapter 4 - luxury brand name jewellery


cartier platinum and diamond ring







If you love brand-name jewellery from luxury manufacturers like Cartier who is the designer of the gorgeous platinum diamond ring pictured, as well as brands like Tiffany and Harry Winston, then it is likely that you are a person who pays great attention to detail in all aspects of life and you demand nothing but the best. 

You never settle for second best and when you work hard to reach your goals, you reward yourself for your efforts and like others to see the fruits of your labour as well.

People admire your high self esteem as well as your appreciation for the finer things in life. You love to make a statement and you are probably an excellent host or hostess who cares very much about what others think of you. Or, and this one may not be so popular, that wearing luxury brand-names are a statement about you or your family's wealth and you want everyone to know just how wealthy you are. You will also probably have luxury cars and houses that match your financial statement.

chapter 5 - classic elegant jewellery

pink opal and sterling silver elegant necklace and earrings setWho doesn't love classic elegance?! Think diamond studs, tennis bracelets, solitaire engagement rings, a simple string pearl necklace, or pink opal and sterling silver like our own set pictured. If you prefer these types of simple, elegant pieces that pretty much go with everything, then it’s likely that you have traditional values. You probably also keep a very tidy house and appreciate some of the older ways, like dinner being served at the same time every night and everyone eats at the table together. You’re highly organised and believe in the phrase,  “There's a place for everything, and everything in its place.”

People find your classic taste in clothing, furnishings, and jewellery impressive, and they appreciate your interesting but understated personality. You  may be a quieter type of person but you would certainly let someone know when they do something not to your taste, and your simple, elegant jewellery makes you look perfectly poised no matter the situation.

This gorgeous diamond tennis bracelet below from OrdDiamonds on Etsy is a perfect example of understated class.

diamond tennis bracelet

chapter 6 - minimalist jewellery

 If you prefer sleek, modern pieces and you love the fact that simple jewellery is both stylish and versatile, then you are definitely a minimalist jewellery type of person.

Even if you like mixed metals, wearing different textures at the same time and don’t mind a touch of sparkle, lots of bling really isn’t your thing. 

You appreciate the look of simple metals with interesting patterns and surfaces, and you find unique silhouettes appealing, you may also love mismatched pieces.

If minimalist jewellery is your style, then it’s likely you have a sense of balance and enjoy the simple pleasures of life and are a thoughtful caring person. You’re also probably really good at throwing together an outfit and looking super stylish no matter what you wear.

If this is you, I am SO envious!

Some great examples are these geometrical minimalist earrings from MUKA Studio on Etsy, and our very own minimalist crescent moon bracelet in rose gold which you can find on our website here.

rose gold minimalist crescent moon bracelettiny minimalist hexagon earrings

chapter 7 - antique jewellery

antique bronze braceletIf you have an appreciation for antique jewellery, it could be that you are nostalgic or that you are a trendsetter. In any case you like jewellery that stands out and you love the fact that your jewellery comes with a story. 

antique silver ring

You may not care much about brand names; in fact, you may prefer unique vintage items that are one of a kind like this gold bangle from Kay Eliza Vintage, this vintage silver ring from HelloRing, or from designers that are less well known purely because you like the uniqueness of items that have special meaning to their creator and you love sharing this fact with anyone who comments on your piece. 

If antique jewellery is your favorite, you probably have an interesting personality that people love to know more about and are an exceptional conversationalist and often surprise people with your wealth of knowledge on various topics.

So, did any of them sound accurate to you, or someone you know? Is there a category of jewellery that hasn’t been covered and you think should be? I would love to know any thoughts you may have, so don’t be shy, let me know in the comments! Don't forget you are always welcome to get in touch with me through email, any of our Social Media pages or through our website contact page.

I hope you enjoyed reading through it, and as always I look forward to seeing you around the website.

Victoria xx

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