6 Top Tips To Care For Your Jewellery

6 Top tips to keep your jewellery in great condition and prolong it’s life

Before we dive into the 6 top tips it’s important to remember the properties that make up jewellery, in particular the metals that are used, will always have a chemical reaction to aspects of our everyday environment which will have an effect on the condition, durability, and life span of our jewellery. 
So, let’s take a look at my 6 top tips. 

women's jewellery brand UK and how to look after your jewellery


It’s no secret that metals and moisture don’t get along, and even the most expensive and luxury metals can often be damaged by water. Platinum is the only metal that won’t tarnish or loose it’s colour even when subjected to regular contact with water, so unless you have platinum jewellery it’s important that you keep all other pieces dry where possible. This means remembering to remove jewellery before you take a shower, a bath, before you go swimming and when doing the washing up. If by accident you do get your jewellery wet, take it off and dry it straight away.

Women’s jewellery brand uk, how to look after your jewellery, keep away from chemicals

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to know that chemicals almost always have a reaction to things they come into contact with, and jewellery is no different. I don't just mean obvious chemicals like cleaning supplies and bleach, but also perfumes, body lotions, and sun cream, even if they are classed as containing all natural ingredients.

Not only do chemicals eat away at the metal in your jewellery which can cause tarnishing and even full on rust, it also weakens the structure, settings and fastenings which will lead to the metal becoming so weak that eventually it will snap or disintegrate, or even worse, the prongs that hold any gemstones in place can allow enough movement that your precious gemstones pop out, and usually go unnoticed at the time meaning you can't find where it fell off and have no hope of recovering your gorgeous jewel.

So always remove jewellery if you are doing a spot of cleaning, and remember to put perfume and body lotions on BEFORE putting your jewellery on. 

How to care for women’s designer jewellery, take off when exercising

Apart from the obvious issue of sweating whilst exercising which has the same effect as getting your jewellery wet, there is also salt in your sweat as well as other chemicals that get released through your pores that all cause damage to your jewellery especially over long or frequent exposure.

The other issue is the actual strain your jewellery is put under when you doing more physically demanding work with your body, especially the fastenings and joints of your jewellery. Pieces like dangly earrings, and link chain necklaces and bracelets should be taken off before hand, and all jewellery should be removed for safety reasons if you plan on doing any contact sports.

Women’s jewellery designer, how to care for your jewellery, take off before going to bed


Much like when exercising, the links of your jewellery are put under strain as you move around in your sleep. Necklaces are especially susceptible to being pulled tight against your neck as you lay on the pillow. You also risk getting an earring stuck on some bedding and taring your earlobe. Ouch! So always remove jewellery before getting into bed.
Jewellery care guide for women’s uk jewellery brand, take off when getting changed

Ever got your hair and your jumper caught on a necklace when getting changed? I have, and it resulted in someone having to cut a chunk of my hair out and snapping my necklace to free me.😩

So to avoid damage to your clothes, hair and of course your jewellery, it should be the last thing you put on when getting dressed, and the first thing you take off when getting undressed.

Women’s jewellery uk, jewellery care guide, always store in a jewellery box

When not being worn, jewellery should always be stored in a dry place and away from direct sunlight. Ideally you want to pop your piece of jewellery in a little air tight sealy bag with an anti-tarnish paper tab inside as well as this will slow down the process of your jewellery’s reaction to the environment around it which is called tarnishing. 

There are also several ways you can store your jewellery, from necklace stands, to ring dishes, but there’s nothing I love more than a well organised jewellery box with lots of purpose built compartments for all your pieces. Jewellery boxes are the perfect place to keep things dry, out of sunlight, dust and tangle free, and all in one safe place. 
Did you know that we also sell jewellery storage options for ladies and gents? Head up to the menu bar to find the page options and go for a little look around if you want. All our storage options can also be personalised which makes them a lovely gift as well. 
Did you also know that when you buy a piece of jewellery from us it comes gift boxed with a complimentary cleaning kit? This little kit which is pictured below contains a sealy bag complete with an anti-tarnish tab, a lint free cloth to gently wipe your jewellery after use and remove any oils transferred from your skin while it was being worn. You also get a handy little cloth pouch to keep every thing

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